Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijan Surpasses Happy New Year’s Box Office Opening <br /> <br />Salman Khan is King of Bollywood andhis Bajrangi Bhaijan just shows who rules the fans. Well it opened to a massive box office opening and has come out a result better than Shahrukh’s Happy New Year and Mr. Perfect’s PK. <br /> <br />Anyway the two Khans have said that there is no clash between them however one does feels like comparing when the opening is so good. With a zara hatke storyline and a lovely girl to complement Salman’s efforts, the movie is an emotional puller and would win Sallu more fans for sure. <br /> <br />In a recent interview Sallu had mentioned that the movie is about the rise of an aam aadmi. So maybe the emotion hit the chords of the janta where it should and they have given it a thumbs up. <br /> <br />After all when it comes to the Dabangg Pandey who wouldn’t want to watch his antics hai na?

Bajrangi Bhaijaan BREAKS Happy New Year & PK Record

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