<p><br /> Britain's Got Talent contestant Stevie Starr, known as The Regurgitator, has spoken about his bizarre skill.<br /> </p><p><br /> The 47 year-old made it through to the first live semi-final of the TV talent show by swallowing household objects and regurgitating them at will, in any given order, still dry.<br /> </p><p><br /> Starr revealed how he first performed the trick as a child at school, swallowing live bees which he brought back up alive, and chalk, which came back up dry.<br /> </p><p><br /> Describing how the trick works Starr said: "When the objects are inside of course they're wet. When they're returning, it's like a vacuum inside, I'm able to just dry them as they're making their way up."<br /> </p><p><br /> Although failing to make it to the final of Britain's Got Talent, Starr said he had done the best he could and hoped the audience had enjoyed his performance.<br /> </p>

The Regurgitator reveals how his talent works

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