<p><br /> Prince Harry has revealed how he thinks about his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, every day.<br /> </p><p><br /> The 25-year-old royal said that conjuring up her memory no matter where he is or what he is doing keeps himself and brother Prince William, 28, "going every day".<br /> </p><p><br /> Harry joked that one word he would use to describe his mother would be "mad". The royal's comments came in an interview given during a recent tour of southern Africa with his older brother.<br /> </p><p><br /> Asked what his mother would have thought of their charity work in Africa, Harry replied: "Every day, I know I do and I'm sure William does as well, whatever we do, wherever we are and whoever we're with I particularly always wonder what she'd think, what she'd be doing if she was with us now.<br /> </p><p><br /> "If she'd be sitting here having a laugh, whether she'd be in the background sticking her tongue out or whether she'd be playing football with the children. That's what keeps us going every day - that thought of what would she be like if she was around today."<br /> </p><p><br /> Earlier this week Harry evoked memories of his mother when he visited a charity clearing minefields in Africa, just as Diana did in the late 1990s.<br /> </p>

Harry: I think about Diana every day

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